This is a 6", tall style cake
This is a 6", tall style cake
The perfect wedge
The perfect wedge
This is a 6", tall style cake
The perfect wedge
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Biscoff & Pretzel

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Do you love things salty AND sweet? If the answer is yes, then this cake is for you!

Our delicious Biscoff cake is topped with (you guessed it!) Biscoff biscuits and crunchy pretzels, and layered with vanilla, chocolate and caramel sponge.

It’s also lathered with Callebaut chocolate buttercream and of course, Biscoff butter spread. This cake really is a sweet ‘n’ salty culinary explosion, and we love it!

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All of our products contain dairy
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Free Local Delivery

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Fast 48 hour Delivery

Here at Cakes by Andrew we strive to use only the finest ingredients sourced with the upmost care to make sure we provide the best products to our customers. All our recipes are still the same as the ones developed and created by Andrew himself.

Base: Self-raising flour, baking margarine, eggs, caster sugar, essence of vanilla, unsalted butter, icing sugar, 60% chocolate, double cream, almonds, baking powder, food colouring

Although some cakes vary slightly, our base ingredients tend to be very close to the list above unless requested otherwise.   

All cakes from our range contain DAIRY. Until we can find a suitable alternative that meets the standards required, we are unable to offer dairy-free products.

ALLERGENS: Milk, Cream, Butter, Gluten, Soya, Eggs, Peanuts, Almonds & Flavourings (other allergens may be present in items bought from a source and not made on site).

All cakes are baked and decorated in a shared commercial kitchen space and although we will strive to prevent cross contamination (when requested), we can't guarantee traces won't transfer across during preparation. 

Free Local Delivery

We’re now offering a FREE home delivery service when you spend £15 or more! 

How it works:

- Place your order at least 48 hours in advance                                                

- Choose ‘LOCAL DELIVERY’ at checkout                                                     

- Make sure that your address is within a 15 mile radius of our cake shop by entering your postcode

- Choose your delivery date (available 3 days a week)                                           

- We'll then get in touch on the day with a more specific time slot   

And that’s it! All we ask is that you leave a phone number when ordering, just in case we need to get in touch if we can’t find your address. In the meantime, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your delicious goods to arrive. 😋

*We're not delivering to the Wirral just yet, but are looking to launch that service soon with a £4.95 delivery fee.*


Royal Mail

When you order Home Baking Kits, Cake Mix or Decorations (without purchasing physical cakes and treats), you will have the option for these to be sent via Royal Mail.

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